A-TEC Recycling, Inc.

A-TEC Electronics Recycling is the nation’s leader in CRT Glass recycling. Our unique and innovative process for removing lead from the CRT glass allows for the recycling/repurposing of both the lead and the glass..

Our Key Features

Discover the unique advantages and specialized services that A-TEC Recycling offers. From comprehensive e-waste recycling to seamless logistics and large-scale processing, we ensure efficient, environmentally-friendly solutions for your electronic waste. We are also the nation’s leader in CRT Glass recycling, utilizing innovative processes to safely recycle and repurpose materials.

Comprehensive E-Waste Recycling

A-TEC Recycling specializes in the comprehensive recycling of end-of-life electronics. We dismantle and separate obsolete devices into clean, reusable commodities, ensuring minimal environmental impact and maximized material recovery.

Large-Scale Processing Facility

Our state-of-the-art recycling facility in Des Moines, Iowa, is designed to efficiently process large volumes of e-waste. We handle electronics from various sectors, including government, businesses, and private collectors, ensuring efficient and effective recycling operations.

Seamless Logistics and Certification

We offer seamless logistics for the pickup and delivery of e-waste. Our services include providing validated logs and certifications necessary for State recycling programs, ensuring compliance and transparency in e-waste management.

Our Clients

“Recycled 5 CRT TVs for a very reasonable price. Very easy process, they unloaded our vehicle too! Larry was great to deal with and offered to explain the process on how they recycle the tvs. Very informative and will definitely use again for other e-cycling. Highly recommend!”