Is the landfilling of used fluorescent and HID lamps prohibited?

Yes. In most Midwestern states used fluorescent & HID lamps must first pass Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) testing before they can be landfilled. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) circulated an advisory memo which states. “Fluorescent and HID lamps most often fail the TCLP test….If the TCLP test is not used to verify that the lamps are non-hazardous, assume the lamps are hazardous and manage them as hazardous waste”.

Can lighting system ballasts be landfilled?

Ballasts containing PCBs should not be landfilled. Under SUPERFUND, the release or threat of release of more than one (1) pound of PCB into the environment can trigger an EPA SUPERFUND notification requirement. Since sixteen (16) PCB ballasts collectively contain a pound or more of PCB fluid, PCB ballasts should not be landfilled. According to the Iowa DNR, used ballasts containing PCBs can not be disposed of in a sanitary landfill and must be handled as a hazardous waste.

What happens to the lamps and ballasts you recycle?

LAMPS: The lamps are crushed and separated into three (3) components. This takes place under negative pressure in our process to capture the mercury vapors and small particulate in our filtration system. The components are metals, glass and mercury/phosphor powder. The metals are smelted and reused. The glass is ground to a fine consistency for use as an aggregate in concrete and asphalt products. The mercury is recovered and quadruple distilled to over 99% purity then resold.

BALLASTS: Both PCB and Non-PCB ballasts are recycled. PCB contamination components are separated from the other recyclable metals. These PCB contaminated materials are then incinerated at the EPA approved facility. Uncontaminated metals are smelted for reuse.

Can you provide transportation of lamps/ballasts from our site to A-TEC Recycling?

Absolutely. In fact we use our own trucks and trained drivers so we can ensure proper handling of the lamps/ballasts during transportation and schedule lamp/ballast pick ups at your convenience.

How does choosing A-TEC Recycling for our lamp/ballasts recycling mitigate potential liability for my company?

  1. A-TEC Recycling operates in complete compliance with EPA. OSHA and DOT regulations.
  2. A-TEC Recycling processing results in lamp components being converted into products again… this is important because this is the only way to eliminate your liability for the material as waste.
  3. A-TEC Recycling provides complete documentation of recycling and “proper disposal” for lamps and ballasts…..and keeps copies of these records both electronically and in hard copy. If you misplace your copies, we can provide duplicates almost immediately.
  4. A-TEC Recycling carries both general liability and pollution liability insurance.

How can I get more information about A-TEC Recycling services?

Please CLICK HERE to contact us by phone or email for more information.